Tempo Interval Workout


Tempo interval workouts can be added to your training cycle as an alternative to a Tempo run to add some more fun and variation to your training. In Tempo interval workout usually the repeat is no more than 10-12 minutes, usually a repeat is between 2-10 minutes and are done slightly faster than your lactate threshold pace with a short break in between the repeats.

Tempo Interval Example

An example of a tempo interval can be as follow: You start as always with your normal warm up 20-30 minutes and then you execute your intervals. Tempo Intervals can be 3-5 repeats x 1600m with 3 minutes recovery jog. As always you close your training session with a cool down of 20-30 minutes.

How to execute this run:

Try to avoid running all out or extremely fast since that is not the purpose of this workout. You should run fast in a very controlled effort to challenge your body stamina and not your speed.

Benefits of a Tempo Interval Run

This type of interval workout will help you as a runner to increase your body ability to remove lactic acid as is being produced; something that will help you during a long distance event to be able to push after the first half part of the race. Moreover it pushes your lactic threshold pace as well as your race pace to become faster.


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