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US Olympic Marathon Trials 2020

Wooow!!! What a weekend!!! That was a really exciting battle in Atlanta last weekend!!  The race route was phenomenal difficult, with uphill and downhills with max elevation of 1389 feet and downhill of 1382 feet with a finishing sprint on a downhill.

Three Women and Three Men made the new US marathon Olympic team. 

The three men that made it to the marathon US Olympic team are:

  • Galen Rupp — 2:09:20.
  • Jacob Riley — 2:10:02.
  • Abdi Abdirahman — 2:10:03

The three Women that made it to the marathon US Olympic team are:

  1. Aliphine Tuliamuk — 2:27:23.
  2. Molly Seidel — 2:27:31.
  3. Sally Kipyego — 2:28:52

Today we will stand and talk about that great person and athlete, an ordinary legend living amongst us, Molly Seidel.  Molly works as a barista and a baby sitter to earn her living in Boston and managed to overcome some serious health issues as mentioned on runners world article and claimed her qualification place to run at the US marathon trials by running last December an outstanding half marathon in San Antonio with time 1:10:27.

Seidel that never run a marathon in her life started the race fearless and managed to stay hard until the end and finish just 8 seconds behind her US Marathon Olympic teammate Aliphine Tuliamuk.  Running a marathon for the first time is basically running into the unknown since you don’t know how your body will react and take the pressure of the 26.2 miles. 

Thank you Molly for the great message given out to us and to the youngest generations to stay hard and fight for their dreams.  Molly took a step back with no fear, faced her issues and came back stronger… so never afraid to take a step back, to do what you have to do and come back to show the world what you can really do.

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