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Flipbelt – Essential Marathon Gear

“If you’re tired of buying and testing hydration belts to identify the one that will be more suitable for your race day, then here’s what you need to buy and save your money.

I found myself buying and testing so many hydration belts that will be carry me over my trainings and to be handy to be used on my race day as well.  I purchased so many hydration belts and in the end of the day, the only one I use its my Flipbelt my best running buddy.

Flipbelt is a belt that stick on your waist, you fill the belt up with your staff and after the first mile, you forget that you even carry staff with you, or even you forget that you actually have a belt on you.

The most funny thing is that after my training runs or even my marathons, I caught up myself going into the shower and while undressing I am finding out that I still have the flipbelt on me J

During the marathon day, I always become the photographer of our group of friends, since while I am running I can flip out my iphone from flipbelt with ease and take photos of us while running and then flip it back without much of hassle.  I carry with me a bottle of my favorite drink mixture and 3-4 gels plus my phone. Funny think as I mentioned, I don’t even feel it!!!

Flipbelt has an excellent design that worth the price.

Flipbelt must be purchased on the correct waist size so it will fit on your waist and it will not be moving and it will never bounce and all that bulky bouncing feeling will be a sweet past. 

Flipbelt sits in place perfectly and doesn’t goes up or down, which is an issue I’d had with other styles of running belts. Another benefit is that it doesn’t loosen during a run either. The pockets are roomy enough to hold even chunky smartphones, keys and even their great bottle especially designed for the belt.

Their water bottles can really simplify your Running hydration and is a perfect addition to your flipbelt. I have to admit that honestly I am blown away that I don’t feel anymore a thing of carrying a bottle. Their bottle never leaked or fell out of the belt. but usually having my iPhone in the back of the belt and the water in the front…. That’s a personal preference since one of my running buddies like to carry the bottle on the back of the belt

FlipBelt – USA Original Patent

flipbelt in different sizes,colors and types. Some have a zipper in the front to add more safety to your valuable items.

FlipBelt Water Bottles

flipbelt water bottles are amazing and fit perfectly with no bouncing.
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