Whether you run casually to stay fit during your lunch breaks at work; or you’re planning on one of the many fun runs or marathons in your city. Its a fact that all runners have in mind to improve their performance, stay safe and figure out how to hit their running goals. Online running coaching is an effective way to improve your running performance through a personalized assessments and running training plans.

Unless you’re going to shell out a lot of money for an in-person trainer; then online running coaching provides world-class running coaches that can offer high-level training. They can offer their advice and plans for a fraction of the cost of in-person training.

Online running coaching is for all recreational athletes that want to improve their running form, prevent injury; and hit the next level of their running potential.

What Are the Benefits Of Online Running Coaching?

You can read books and watch videos to improve your running;, but online running coaching will provide customized running plans with support from a real coach. Definitely this will help you to be the best runner possible in the shortest amount of time

  • Online Running Coaching Keeps You Accountable

Using an online running coach puts your hard-earned cash on the line to get results. A pure smart move that will motivate you much more than getting a free workout plan or getting advice from your friend who ran a marathon once.

Your online running coach will also keep you accountable for your running goals. At a minimum, you will be checking in with your running coach once a month via video chat; and potentially having email check-ins to see how you’re progressing.

If you’re not hitting goals, your running coach will be checking on the issues and trying to adjust; so you’re going to be held accountable for hitting those goals, or you’re going to disappoint first yourself and then your coach.

  • Online Running Coaching Provides Variety

Your online running coach will be providing variety in your workouts, mixing training up, offering strength training; and changing training plans as you progress.

If you stick with the same old running plans that you found online or saw in a video, you will have two issues: First off, doing the same thing repeatedly is pretty dull. Secondly, it doesn’t challenge your body which will adapt to training that you perform over and over again. Without variety in your training; you really can’t progress to the next level that you need to hit your goals and targets as a runner. So this is a critical component to progression in any type of training, including running.

  • Online Running Coaching Helps You Train Smarter

General running workouts or running training plans don’t consider specifics about you as a runner. With online running coaching; you will get a personalized running plan tailored to your fitness level, skills, and your actual goal or target.

The way you train will also differ depending on what you’re trying to do. For example, are you preparing for a marathon or short distance running? is your running a component of something else like an iron man you want to compete in? or do you just want to improve your times when you do your daily runs?

An online running coach will factor everything in about you to reach your goal fast and effectively; rather than stumbling towards your goal with generic running advice from videos.

  • Online Running Coaching Can Help Prevent Injuries

Your online running coach will be able to help prevent injuries and improve weak points in your body. By assessing your running, your running coach will be able to see if you’re over or under compensating in certain areas and provide advice on stretching and strength training to prove your weak muscle groups.

Strength Training is equal important

The strength training will also help prevent injuries, such as building up the muscles around your knees if that is an area that is causing you pain or discomfort.

Your online running coach will also be able to assist where you have complaints about pain throughout your runs. This pain could be due to weak muscles in specific areas or could be due to tightness in other areas.

By understanding your complaints and assessing your running; your online running coach can prevent injuries and even help fix the pain you’ve been ignoring and running through for many years.

  • Online Running Coaching Gives You Access To More Coaches

There are a limited number of high-level quality running coaches in any city; but when you use online running coaching services, your options are wide open to access a massive range of running coaches from around the world.

With online running coaching, you can find the best running coach that matches your style of training, temperament. Most of all you should enjoy working with, and you’re not limited by who is close by, which can be a big issue when you live in a smaller city.

Is Online Running Coaching Expensive?

Online running coaching is exceptionally cost-effective for what you get. You’ll also be able to decide how much interaction you need or want with your running coach; so that you’re not wasting money by being forced to meet with them more often than you really need.

An excellent online running coaching service should offer several different packages to select based on your needs and goals
  1. For a recreational runner who just wants to improve their running performance: May only require once-a-month meetings with your online running coach. You should be receiving a range of running help during your meetings to improve your general running performance.
  1. For a recreational runner with long-term targets to hit and improvements you want to see; you’ll likely want a similar plan as the once-a-month option but a longer forecast custom plan that sets out goals and targets you should be hitting to reach your goals.
  1. If you’ve got a specific goal with timelines and targets you need to hit; such as your first marathon then you need more access and video check-ins that will take you through a full running training cycle.
What you should look for an Online running Coach:

All online running coaching plans should include various levels of assistance; listed below from a professional high-level online running coach who is motivated to see you reach your goals or improve your running performance.

  • Video calls to discuss plans, check in on how things are going and assess the next steps in your training.
  • As you progress, your personalized running development plan should be modified so that you keep progressing and don’t stagnate.
  • Your plan should include advice on how long each run should be, pacing, and what intensity you should be outputting in each run.
  • You should have a supplemental strength training program to improve and support your running muscles.
  • You should be able to contact your online running couch via email to check on issues or clarify things.

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