Long Run Workouts

Long distance running workouts...

long run workouts
long run workouts

During your marathon or half marathon training cycle you have to go through different types of running workouts. But what you have to go through that are pushing your body to a different level are various types of long run workouts. A long run workout is stressful for your body and mind and gives you those physiological advancements and callous your mind to go far and reach the finish line with a smile after running 42km.

As they say marathon starts kicking at around 30-32km so your body must be familiar to that, your bones and tendons must be well adjusted and your muscles ready to get beaten but stay alive.

Going though your training cycle you will have to execute several long runs and you should follow a structure cycle so you will go through various physiological adjustments before executing more specific long runs related to the pace that you set as a goal to run your marathon.

A logical series to follow long run workouts prior of executing marathon specific type of long runs are:

  • Long run for General Resistance
  • Long Run for Aerobic Endurance
  • Long Run for Aerobic Power
  • Long Run for Speed Endurance – that is a marathon specific type of long run


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