A steady state run is a continuous run between 20-70 minutes.  Marathoner’s as they progress they may want to go as far as 70 minutes. 

The steady state run is executed at a pace slightly slower your lactate threshold and your effort should feel Easy to medium by running fast but always in control.  An experience marathoner may run his marathon race close to that pace. When you perform such a workout keep it fast but under control otherwise you will hit your Lactate Threshold pace that is not what we want to achieve with this workout. Always finish the steady state run and feel that you was able to run to the pace for another 10-15 minutes.

Definitely is a great workout since it will boost your confidence and give you some physiological improvements like training your body to be able to remove lactic acid as it produced.  This will mentally make you stronger to be able to pace your self fast but in control; an ideal scenario for any runner of any type of run especially for long distance runners.

All of our online running coaching packages includes a variety of runs and a progressive way to build up your steady state runs during your training cycle.


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